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Dealing with chefs and wait staff

Generally most places I've been have been pretty good when I request something gluten free if there's nothing on the menu. I tend to go to small owner-run local places, and Vic Park has been exploding in the number of small breakfast/lunch/tapas places that are now open. I'll do a separate entry on that later.

But when I read this article yesterday, I was disappointed with the chef's attitude towards gluten free requests (in the last section). stickykitty, you used to be a chef, is this common?

This healthy option is usually made by boiling instant oats in water but I like to do it a little differently. Instead of water cook it in the pan with milk in place of water and the end result is less gluey and more flavourful. The good thing about oats is that they are a low GI and help lower cholesterol re-absorption. The most stupid thing a customer ever asked was if porridge was gluten free?! Any product containing wheat, rye, barley or oats is not free of gluten, especially oats!

Try some of these variations to make an otherwise bland breakfast exciting.
• Banana, honey & walnut
• Grated fresh apple, cinnamon & sultanas
• Forrest berries & maple syrup
• Fresh strawberry, toasted almond flakes & honey

I hope this excites your taste buds but if you are on a diet or have an allergy to gluten ,eggs, dairy or nuts… or if you are vegan… or just plain fussy, then the only option left on today’s menu is a suggestion from my waiter friend: ‘A glass of water and a big gulp of air!’
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