boo boo kitty fuck (stickykitty) wrote in glutenfreeperth,
boo boo kitty fuck

Pizza, pasta, cakes, etc

Hi everyone!
I haven't posted here before but have been watching the community and recently tried Stone's Pizza because it was recommended here. I'd recommend it too - the pizza bases were pretty good and the toppings were fabulous!

I also recently read a review for Al Sito online. Gluten free pizza for $3.50 extra and gluten free pasta for $2 extra? I'l give that a go! Glad I did too - the gluten free pasta was lovely. I'll be going back to try the pizza.

Fresh Provisions in Mt Lawley is also fabulous. I bought a gluten free carrot and walnut cake there to take to work for my birthday last week and it was very nice. They also have biscuits, bread, crackers, etc
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